Culori în limba engleză – Expresii idiomatice

Culori in limba engleza - expresii idiomatice

În această lecție, prezentăm zece expresii idiomatice din limba engleză în care folosim culori (sau nonculori). Vei vedea cum culorile ne ajută să spunem că avem undă verde, că ceva a apărut din senin sau că am spus o minciună nevinovată.

(Dacă încă nu ești foarte familiarizat cu ele, poți învăța mai întâi culorile în limba engleză.)

Ascultă varianta audio a lecției.

1. to get the green light → to be given the necessary permission
e.g.: The contract has been signed, so we’ve got the green light to start working on the project.

2. to have/get the blues → to be sad or depressed
e.g.: Don’t play that song; Tanya gets the blues when she hears it.

3. out of the blue → happening suddenly and unexpectedly
e.g.: Henry was waiting at a red light when a truck came out of the blue and bumped into him.

4. in the red → owing money, in debt
e.g.: The funds have run out three months ago and we’ll be in the red for the rest of the year.

5. to catch (someone) red-handed → to catch (someone) doing something wrong
e.g.: We already knew that she searches through our personal stuff, but today we finally caught her red-handed.

6. a white lie → an unimportant or well-intended lie
e.g.: Sam didn’t have time to talk with his neighbour, so he said a white lie about how he was in a hurry.

7. to raise/wave a white flag → to surrender, to admit you have been defeated
e.g.: The company shouldn’t raise the white flag yet because their major competitor is also in a difficult situation.

8. a black-tie event → a formal social event
e.g.: Peter doesn’t like black-tie events; they make him feel uncomfortable.

9. in black and white (1) → involving a clear choice between two opposite possibilities
e.g.: She tends to see everything in black and white, so don’t bother explaining how this regulation is partially beneficial.

10. in black and white (2) → in written or printed form (often referring to official documents)
e.g.: Their offer is better than expected, but don’t get your hopes up until you see it in black and white.

Rezolvă următorul exercițiu. Completează cele cinci fraze alegând expresia idiomatică potrivită și adaugă răspunsul tău în secțiunea de comentarii de mai jos.

1. I had given up trying to find a new apartment. Their offer came…
a) in the red.
b) out of the blue.
c) in black and white.

2. You’ll upset her if you tell her that you don’t like her dress. Please…
a) give her the green light.
b) catch her red-handed.
c) tell her a white lie.

3. He can’t just talk about his experience at the interview, without a CV. He should put everything…
a) in the red.
b) in black and white.
c) out of the blue.

4. She has cleaned her room and now she (…) to go out and play.
a) has got the green light
b) has got the blues
c) raised a white flag

5. The kid was reaching for the cookie jar when the parents arrived home. He…
a) was in the red.
b) was telling a white lie.
c) was caught red-handed.

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