Subiecte de conversație în limba engleză

Pe această pagină, găsești subiectele de conversație de care ne ocupăm în cursul „Engleza Video” și întrebările aferente fiecărui subiect. Noi subiecte de conversație vor fi adăugate în curând.

1. Personal Information (Informații personale)
What is your name? / Where are you from? / How old are you? / What do you do? / What is your email address?

2. Starting a Conversation (Cum să începem o conversație)
How do you do? / What do you think about the weather today? / Where is a good place to eat in this area? / What are your plans for the weekend? / Nice dress! Where did you buy it?

3. Talking About Your Family (Să vorbim despre familie)
Who are your closest relatives? / Do you have any siblings? / Are you married? / How many children do you have? / Who is the breadwinner in your family?

4. Daily Routine (Rutina zilnică)
What is the first thing you do in the morning? / How do you travel to work? / Where do you usually eat lunch? / What do you do after work? / How often do you talk on the phone?

5. Entertainment (Divertisment)
What do you do for entertainment? / Do you have a favourite book / movie / song? / What TV shows do you enjoy watching? Why? / Do you like exhibitions? What kind? / What do you like more – practising sports or watching sports?

Următoarele subiecte de conversație vor fi disponibile în curând.

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