10 Interesting Facts about Easter

1. In the past, when there were only natural dyes, the following ones were the most popular: red onion skins (for violet eggs), cherry juice (for red eggs) and carrots (for yellow eggs).

2. The art of decorating eggs in Ukraine is called “pysanka“. The colors and the shapes used have different and specific meanings (e.g. triangles symbolize the Holy Trinity, serpents protect from catastrophe, yellow symbolizes a good harvest, blue means good health).

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3. The custom of giving eggs at Easter goes back to the Egyptians, Persians, Gauls, Greeks and Romans. Eggs were a symbol of life and fertility.

4. The first story of a rabbit hiding eggs in the garden was published in 1680. Later on, this rabbit became “the Easter bunny”.

5. In the States, Easter is the second biggest candy selling holiday, after Halloween. Christmas and Valentine’s Day come next.

6. 76% of Americans eat the ears of a chocolate bunny first. 5% start with the feet and 4% with the tail.

7. The largest Easter egg hunt took place in Florida, on the 1st April, in 2007. 501,000 eggs were hidden and were searched for by 9,573 children together with their parents.

8. The largest Easter egg ever made measured more than 10 m in height and weighed 7,200 kg. It was unveiled in Italy, in 2011, and it made it to the Guinness Book of World Records.

9. In the past, just like eggs, pretzels were also associated with Easter. Their twists resembled fingers crossed in prayer.

10. Easter Island received its name from the Dutch explorer Jacob Roggeveen who arrived there on Easter Sunday (the 5th of April) in 1722.

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