1. If you recycle, the Earth will smile

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Read the definitions below. Choose the correct terms they describe.

  1. System that provides thermal comfort and reduces the energy demands of heating and cooling systems.
    global warming
    renewable energy
  2. It comprises all natural living or non-living entities and the interaction between them.
  3. Fumes emitted as a result of fuel combustion.
    exhaust gas
    toxic waste
  4. Device that converts kinetic energy from the wind into mechanical energy.
    wind turbine
    solar panel
    energy conservation
  5. Harmful or injurious to health or physical well-being.
  6. The action of separating and of classifying recyclable materials, in order to facilitate their recycling.
    waste management
    selective waste collection
  7. Population of organisms which is at the risk of becoming extinct.
    endangered species
    natural disaster
    environmental disaster
  8. Contamination of the natural environment that harms an ecosystem.
  9. To process used materials into new products with the aim of saving natural resources.
    to recycle
    to preserve
    to collect
  10. Assembly of photovoltaic cells that captures energy from the Sun.
    greenhouse effect
    solar panel
    rain forest

Complete the following sentences.
We will practise the First Conditional, in its affirmative form.

  1. If I use less paper,
  2. If you take a shower instead of a bath tonight,
  3. , many animal species will become extinct.
  4. The authorities will take action
  5. They will pay more taxes

Complete the following sentences.
We will practise the First Conditional, in its interrogative and negative forms.

  1. If I volunteer in an environmental organization,
  2. , will life on Earth be sustainable anymore?
  3. Will the ozone layer disappear
  4. If you drink contaminated water,
  5. The Siberian tiger will not become extinct

Complete the following sentences.
We will practise the Zero Conditional.

  1. If you heat water to 100 degrees Celsius,
    it freezes.
    it boils.
    it evaporates.

  2. If you touch boiling water,
    it feels nice.
    you are a smart person.
    you get burned.

  3. If you get burned,
    it hurts.
    it doesn't hurt.
    you like it.

  4. When I have a fever,
    I take a shower.
    I take pills.
    I take a cab to the nearest disco.

  5. Unless people eat,
    they starve.
    they are energetic.
    they are healthy.