1. If you recycle, the Earth will smile


  • Picnic

  • Backgammon

  • Video games

  • Tea

Sarah is anticipating what will happen next weekend if John is free. Help her out!

If John free this weekend, we will go on a picnic. If we go on a picnic, we backgammon. If we backgammon, I will win. If I , John will insist to play another round. If John to play another round, he will lose again. If he again, he will stop talking to me. If he talking to me, I him a ham sandwich and a kiss. If I him a ham sandwich and a kiss, he will cheer up. If he , he will suggest visiting our friends.

If John visiting our friends, I will agree. If I , we Ken and Fiona. If we visit them, John and Ken video games. If John and Ken video games, me and Fiona will go shopping. If we shopping, we much money. If we much money, John will work more hours next week. If he more hours next week, he free next weekend.

That's OK by me: this weekend, I'll buy myself a nice tea set and, next weekend, while John's at work, I'll invite the girls over for a tea.