3. Air bags were invented by GM

Read what these inventions are saying and find out what they are:

  1. I am a device that you use when you have a break and you want a coffee, a soda or a quick snack. I'm not very healthy.
    vending machine
    drinking straw
  2. You use me when you're too lazy to take the stairs. You sometimes get stuck in me and you're afraid that I am going to crash.
    steam engine
  3. You stick me onto the fridge to remember your husband that he must pay the bills. He removes me and pretends he never saw me.
    post-it note
  4. I make walls beautiful, but some say that I am old-fashioned. I also make computer screens vivid.
    sewing machine
  5. You use me when the electricity goes down and you need to light up candles. I am made of wood and phosphor and I am very cheap.
  6. It is often because of me why you get fines form the Police. You should show me some respect!
    traffic lights
    Christmas lights
    sign language
  7. You put me on babies' bottoms. It's not very nice of you, but I like babies, so I'm not going to complain.
    paper towel
    toilet paper
    disposable diaper
  8. You're very happy to see me. And your car loves me, too! I help you get faster and safer to your destination.
    seat belt
  9. You wear me at special events. And, damn, we really look good together!
  10. I do not let strangers enter private properties. But I do my job best at prisons, where I don't let prisoners exit.
    barbed wire

Complete the following sentences. We will practise the Passive Voice at Present Simple.

  1. What is glass made from? Glass is from sand.
  2. What glass used for? Glass is used for making various products: windows, mirrors, glasses etc.
  3. What is paper made from? Paper made from wood.
  4. What is paper for? Paper is used for writing, printing, packaging etc.
  5. Where is Cabernet Sauvignon produced? This wine
  6. Where is the Volkswagen made? The Volkswagen
  7. What company produces Nestea? Nestea is produced Nestle.
  8. Does Microsoft make the iPhone? No, the iPhone is made by Microsoft. It is made by Apple.
  9. Who presents at Christmas? Christmas are brought by Santa Clause.
  10. What people use the computer for? The computer is used to assist and to entertain people in everyday life.

Complete the following sentences. We will practise the use of Passive Voice at Past Simple.

The Passive Voice is often used at Past Simple, so this exercise is a bit longer. We're sure you'll do great. Good luck!

  1. Volvo introduced the modern seat belt in 1959.
    The modern seat belt by Volvo in 1959.

  2. A five-story department store from Manhattan owned the first public elevator, starting with 1857.
    The first public elevator a five-story department store from Manhattan.

  3. The British made the first glue from fish.
    The first glue fish.

  4. People from Philadelphia used the first paper towels to prevent the spread of cold among children.
    The first paper towels for preventing the spread of cold among children.

  5. The Remington company marketed the first typewriters in 1877.
    The first typewriters by Remington in 1877.

  6. Chester Carlson, the inventor of the photocopier, needed eight years to find an investor to support his idea.
    Eight years Chester Carlson to find an investor for his invention – the photocopier.

  7. Thomas Savery patented the first steam engine; Thomas Newcomen and, especially, James Watt, improved the steam engine.
    The first steam engine by James Watt, but by Thomas Savery.

  8. Norwegian inventor John Vaaler patented the first paperclip in 1899, in Germany, because Norway had no patent laws at that time.
    The first paperclip in Norway, because there were no patent laws.

  9. The first cheerleaders were men. Women did cheerleading for the first time in 1920.
    Cheerleading by women first.

  10. The first European country to build limited-access highways was Italy.
    The first limited-access highways in Germany; they were built in Italy.

  11. Who wrote Hamlet?
    Hamlet was by Shakespeare.

  12. Who was the telegraph invented ?
    The telegraph was invented by Samuel Morse.

  13. West Americans invented barbed wire to demarcate their property.
    Barbed wire invented by West Americans, who wanted to demarcate their property.

  14. Marion Donovan, a young mother from New York, created the first disposable diaper in 1950.
    The first disposable diaper was by a young mother from New York.

  15. A Swedish inventor patented the first safety matches in 1855.
    The first safety matches patented by a Swedish inventor in 1855.

  16. The English used the first vending machines in the early 1880s.
    The first vending machines not used by Americans.

  17. The British working class used wallpaper for the first time in 1785, as a substitute for more expensive materials.
    Wallpaper was not used by rich people, but the working class.

  18. Either Pierre Lorillard IV of New York City or King Edward VII wore the first tuxedo.
    The first tuxedo was by either Pierre Lorillard IV of New York City or King Edward VII.

  19. In 1898, the producer of the first flashlight on it the biblical quote Let there be light.
    The biblical quote Let there be light was written on the first flashlight.

  20. The Scott Paper Company the first toilet paper on a roll in 1879; it became common only in 1907.
    The first toilet paper on a roll was sold by the Scott Paper Company, but it became common only in 1907.

  21. Arthur Fry invented the post-it note in the 1980s - he used it to mark the pages of his church hymnal.
    A: What was the first post-it note used for? B: It was for marking the pages of a church hymnal.

  22. Until after 1900, people made drinking straws from paper.
    A: What the first drinking straws made from? B: Paper.

  23. In the first century, the Romans used horseshoes made from leather and metal, called hipposandals.
    A: What were the first horseshoes ? B: They were called hipposandals.

  24. The English installed the first traffic lights near London's House of Commons in 1868.
    A: were the first traffic lights installed? B: Near London's House of Commons.

  25. Edward Johnson, who worked under the direction of Thomas Edison, lit the first Christmas lights in 1882, in New York City.
    A: Who were the first Christmas lights by? B: They were lit by Edward Johnson.

Complete the following sentences. We will practise the Passive Voice at Future Simple.

  1. They will build a new commercial center in this area. → A new commercial center in this area.
  2. The chef will cook fruit cakes for the party. → Fruit cakes by the chef for the party.
  3. The team will finish the project tomorrow. → The project be finished tomorrow.
  4. The school will buy new laboratory equipment. → New laboratory equipment will bought by the school.
  5. Jeremy will drive Clara home this evening. → Clara will be home by Jeremy this evening.
  6. Will the children clean their room today? → the room be cleaned by the children today?
  7. Will the board discuss this issue? → Will this issue discussed by the board?
  8. Will they clear the area by tomorrow? → Will the area be by tomorrow?
  9. Brian will not make the bed. → The bed will be made by Brian.
  10. Clara will not take the dog out. → The dog will not be out by Clara.