3. Air bags were invented by GM

How is paper made?

Fill in the following steps:

Step 1: Trees chopped and other trees are in their place. (to chop, to plant)
Step 2: The chopped logs transported to a paper company. (to transport)
Step 3: The logs are . (to clean)
Step 4: The logs turned into small chips of wood. (to turn into)
Step 5: The chips are , according to size. (to sort)
Step 6: Pulp is then from the chips. The type of pulping process is by the type of paper that needs to be . (to make, to determin, to obtain)
Step 7: Water drained from the pulp. (to drain)
Step 8: The pulp is through hot metal cylinders and wood fibers are closer together. Pulp gradually turned into paper. (to pass through, to bring, to turn into)
Step 9: Sometimes, paper is with fine clay and it made glossier. (to coat, to make)
Step 10: Then, paper dried and it is ready to be ! (to dry, to use)