2. If I won $1.000.000, I would cry

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Choose the correct definition for each term.

  1. dark matter
    matter particle that is observable
    matter particle that emits and reflects electromagnetic radiation
    matter particle that does not emit or reflect electromagnetic radiation
  2. black hole
    a planet that is not exposed to light from the Sun
    a region of space where the gravitational field is extremely strong
    a dark and deep crater on the surface of a celestial body
  3. galaxy
    an aggregate of stars, gas and dust
    a part of the solar system
    the sky, as seen from Earth
  4. supernova
    a huge star
    a sophisticated spaceship
    a stellar explosion
  5. astronomy
    the study of celestial bodies
    the study of space travel
    the study of zodiac signs
  6. space shuttle
    a place in the spaceship where astronauts sleep
    manned spaceship operated by NASA
    any type of manned or unmanned spaceship
  7. natural satellite
    spaceship that orbits the Earth
    man-made system that orbits a planet
    celestial body that orbits a planet naturally
  8. shooting star
    meteoroid that enters the atmosphere
    star that is very bright
    star that can fulfil one wish
  9. to launch
    to have lunch
    to have lunch with astronauts
    to propel with force
  10. unmanned
    wife without a husband
    astronaut who does not act like a man
    spaceship without a pilot

Complete the following sentences.
We will practise the Second Conditional, in its affirmative form.

  1. If I had a telescope,
  2. If a black hole swallowed the Earth,
  3. , human life would be possible there.
  4. Scientists would try to disintegrate an asteroid in space
  5. You would be able to see a shooting star

Complete the following sentences.
We will practise the Second Conditional, in its interrogative and negative forms.

  1. If you met friendly aliens,
  2. If you travelled through space,
  3. if you saw a shooting star?
  4. If I discovered a new planet,
  5. Human life, as it is today, wouldn't be possible on Earth

Complete the following sentences.
We will practise the Second Conditional with the modal could.

  1. If I won the lottery,
    I could buy pizza every day.
    I couldn't buy pizza every day.
    I could be taller.

  2. If she travelled to the Moon,
    she could wave hello to us.
    she could meet Neil Armstrong.
    she could see the Earth from 238,856 miles away.

  3. If they were astronauts,
    they could dance the Polka.
    they could travel to space.
    they could live on another planet.

  4. If dark matter was observable,
    scientists could study it.
    scientists could live in the dark.
    scientists could see in the dark.

  5. If the Earth was not elliptical, but round,
    we could glide on its surface.
    we could swim faster in the ocean.
    the environment could be completely different.