Condiționala a doua

When do I use the Second Conditional?

The Second Conditional (Second If Clause) is used to express hypothetical situations.

How do I form the Second Conditional?

If + condition (Past Simple), result (would + verb in the infinitive)

If I won the lottery, I would cry.

The result can precede the condition, e.g.: I would cry if I won the lottery.

Affirmative / Interrogative / Negative

Verbs can be used in the affirmative, interrogative or negative forms, in any combination.

Affirmative + AffirmativeIf I won $1.000.000, I would cry with joy.
Affirmative + NegativeIf I won $1.000.000, I would not be sad.
Affirmative + InterrogativeIf you won $1.000.000, would you cry with joy?
Negative + AffirmativeIf I did not win $1.000.000, I would be sad.
Negative + NegativeIf I did not win $1.000.000, I would not cry with joy.

did not = didn’t: If I didn’t win $1.000.000..
would not = wouldn’t: ..I wouldn’t cry with joy.


1st person, sg.If I had a space shuttle, I would travel to space.
2nd person, sg.If you travelled to another planet, where would you travel?
3rd person, sg.If she received a telescope for her birthday, she would observe the Moon.
1st person, pl.If we met aliens, we would ask them to share their knowledge with us.
2nd person, pl.If you were astronomers, you would study celestial bodies.
3rd person, pl.If they saw an UFO, they would not be scared.

Alte observații

  • The Second Conditional is often used for giving advice.
    e.g.: If I were you, I would.. (buy a ticket for the lottery).

  • We can also use other modals in Second Conditionals. The meaning of the sentence changes accordingly.
    e.g.: If I had a space shuttle, I could travel to space.

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