11. Ruby is a beautiful girl

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Read the following sentences and choose the correct adjectives:

  1. He has ... hair and big brown eyes.
    long short small
  2. Models' waists are very ... .
    tall weak slim
  3. Is this box ...? I can help you carry it.
    hard heavy full
  4. Your skin is very ... . What lotion do you use?
    smooth clean happy
  5. I like the ... sun in summer.
    beautiful dark bright
  1. Her room is not ... . She can go out and play.
    bad dirty ugly
  2. He is still ill. His arms are not ... yet.
    strong big good
  3. Why do you keep these ... shoes?
    old cheap ugly
  4. I can't reach that screw. My fingers are too ... .
    fat thin thick
  5. The giraffe has a ... neck.
    loud long light