11. Ruby is a beautiful girl

What does he look like?

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Cum arată James? Cum arată un elefant? Completează următoarele texte folosind adjective și substantive care desemnează părți ale corpului. Urmărește traducerea textelor pentru a identifica adjectivele și substantivele corecte.

James. What does he look like?

James is and . He wears clothes and he always looks . He has a short and he wears glasses. People laugh at his and think that James is . But James is very to other people.

James is a worker in constructions. He works 12 hours a day with construction material. His hands are and always look . In his free time, James likes to read and to take walks.

An elephant. What does it look like?

The elephant has a body; it weighs between two and five tons. It has a concave , a long tail and a very short . Its four are shaped like columns. The of an elephant is very (2.5 centimeters).

The elephant has big that regulate temperature. It has and two long ivory tusks. The trunk of an elephant helps it eat and drink.

Elephants are animals. They can use tools and feel grief.