16. The sun shines brightly

At the zoo

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In spring, on weekends, me, my husband and the children like to go to the zoo. The weather is usually perfect: the sun shines (bright), the wind blows (gentle) and the temperature is around 20 degrees Celsius.

We walk (slow) and (quiet) by the cages and watch the animals. Teddy, our son, loves the lions, because they have impressive manes and they roar (loud). Denise, our daughter, likes the monkeys. They have large cages, with trees and toys. They jump (quick) from one tree to another and they play (happy) with different objects.

My husband is not so excited about the visits to the zoo. He gets bored (easy). But he is very understanding and he waits (patient) until we finish our tour.

Afterwards, we enjoy a picnic. The zoo has a special area for picnics. The children eat (good) and then they go to see the animals again. The sun (gradual) sets and we return home.

In the weekends when the wind blows (strong) or the rain falls (heavy), we stay at home and we play family games.