12. Margarine is cheaper than butter

A shopping list

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Completează următorul text folosind gradele de comparație ale adjectivului.
C – comparativ, S – superlativ

This is my shopping list:

  • bread
  • coffee
  • shampoo
  • present for Julie
  • present for Michael

I can buy bread from the supermarket or from the bakery. It is (cheap, C) at the supermarket, but the taste is (good, C) at the bakery.

I can buy instant coffee or regular coffee. Regular coffee is (difficult, C) to prepare, but it is (strong, C).

I can choose between different types of shampoo. Silky Hair is (good, S). It makes your hair (smooth, C) and (beautiful, C).

As a present for Julie, I will buy (nice, S) bracelet from the jeweller's and (expensive, S) perfume from the cosmetics shop.

For Michael, I will buy two T-shirts. He is (tall, C) than I am, so I will buy size L. He also needs a (quick, C) processor for his computer.