8. I love chocolate!

On a picnic

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Let's pack a basket for the picnic!

Firts of all, we need fruit. Everybody (to love) fruit. Jeremy (to like) apples, but (to dislike) grapefruit. Ruby and Freddie (to love) strawberries. I (to like) pears. So let's take some apples, some strawberries and some pears, but no grapefruits.

Now, the vegetables. We all (to like) tomatoes and they go well onions and cucumbers in a salad. Mary (to hate) peas, but she (to love) beans. Let's take some beans. We also need red peppers because Jeremy (to like) red peppers; Ruby and Clara really (to love) them! You (to like) potatoes, so we need potatoes. And some mushrooms – Clara and Jeremy (to like) mushrooms a lot.

Let's see what we need for dessert. First of all, let's take some chocholate. I (to love) chocholate! You (to dislike) pudding. No pudding then. Also, no ice-cream, because it will melt. We need some pie. Jeremy (to hate) pie, but Ruby (to love) it. We can also take a cake. Jeremy (to love) cake. You and I also (to like) cake.

Now let's think about the drinks. Ruby (to hate) soda and Clara (to dislike) it as well. So we don't need any soda. I (to like) beer and you (to like) wine. We can take both of them. We also need coffee. Not all of us (to like) coffee, but I think we are going to need it.

I think we have everything we need. Let me make some sandwiches.

Now we are ready. Let's go!