7. Brian can draw, but he can't paint

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My brother is a professional basketball player. He can play basketball very well. He can jump high and run fast. You can see my brother's training equipment there, on the bed.

My sister is a musician. She can't sing pop songs, but she can sing opera music very well. She can also play the piano and she has concerts all over the world with famous piano and violin players.

Ruby and Brian are students of English. They can read and understand complicated texts. Brian can't write correctly in English yet, but Ruby can. She can also speak fluently.


True or False? Stabilește dacă propozițiile de mai jos sunt adevărate sau false. Scrie litera corectă - T (true = adevărat) sau F (false = fals) în dreptul lor.

Exemplu: My brother is a basketball player. T

  1. My brother is a good basketball player.
  2. He can jump high, but he can't run fast.
  3. His training equipment is in the wardrobe.
  4. My sister can sing pop songs.
  5. She can't play the piano, but she can play the violin.
  6. She can play a whole concert.
  7. Brian can't understand complicated texts in English.
  8. Ruby can write correctly in English.
  9. Ruby can't speak fluently in English.

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