17. The present is for him

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Fill in the following sentences using object pronouns.

The sentences are a bit more complicated, but don't be scared. Things will soon become clear. You are close to the Intermediate level.

  1. For Mary's birthday, Freddie bought (she) a bicycle.
  2. I will take (you) out to a movie tonight.
  3. I told (he) about the party two days ago.
  4. Marry invited all of (we) to a picnic this Saturday.
  5. Clara called everyone to let (they) know that the surprise party was cancelled.
  6. Jeremy fell in love with (she) at first sight.
  7. All of (you) are an important part of this group.
  8. You didn't have to do that for (I).
  9. John is taking (it) out for a walk.
  10. I told (he) not to include me in any of his plans for the next few days.