17. The present is for him

Tonight is the Christmas party

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Pentru cine sunt cadourile de sub brad? Completează următorul text folosind substantive, prepoziții (for, from sau with) și pronume cu funcție de complement.

Tonight is the party. All of the are under the Christmas tree. I am the , so I should make sure that everything is in order.

The box wrapped in pink paper is for Jenny. There is a stuffed toy in . The box of chocolates is also for . The blue box is Brandon. It's a football ball. It is Brandon's father. Brandon loves to play football .

Mark and Carl love to play video games. This playstation is . It is their mother. The bicycle is our special , Fiona. Her is today, on the 24th of December.

For , the grown ups, there are some bottles of wine and many Christmas . The and the party are prepared.

Everything looks great! The children will be so excited to and to their presents.