13. The 1st of March

The London marathon

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Ruby și Mary au participat la maratonul de la Londra. Completează următorul text folosind terminațiile corecte ale numeralelor ordinale (st, nd, rd sau th).

    This year, Ruby and Mary participated in the London marathon, which took place on the 23 of June. They decided that the 1 to finish the race would buy the drinks after the race. To join the marathon, Ruby and Mary started training on the 11 of January. To get to London in time, they left on the 20 of June.

    Ruby and Mary were very happy to run the London marathon. The prizes were: 1 place – a trip around the world, 2 place – a car and 3 place – a motorcycle. Mary finished 33 and Ruby 36. Even though they didn't win, they had fun and a great time in London. Ruby and Mary returned home on the 30 of June.