15. Whose pen is this?

What's there in your bag?

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Descoperă ale cui sunt obiectele din geantă.

My bag is full of different objects: three cell phones, two books, two pairs of glasses, two keychains, two lighters, a pack of cigarettes, a pen, a notebook and a comb. But they are not all mine!

Two of the cell phones are, indeed, . But is the third one? Maybe it is Jeremy's. Yes, I'm sure it is . Ruby loves short stories, so these books are definitely .

What about the glasses? This pair is , but the other one is not. And it can't be Jeremy's – have rectangular lenses. Oh, then they are Brian's. I remember that are round, like these.

The first keychain is . is the second one? It isn't Ruby's. I know that has pink flowers and this one doesn't. Then they must be Brian's, too.

I don't smoke, so none of the lighters is . I think that the blue one is Jeremy's and the red one is Ruby's. The cigarettes are also , because she smokes this brand.

The pen and the notebook are surely . And I have no idea about the comb.