6. The kitchen is next to the living room

Welcome to our house!

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Hello, Jeremy, and welcome to our house! Come inside and let us show you around. You can leave your coat the hall, the chair.

The first room is the living room. That is uncle Ed the chouch. the chouch, you can see the bookshelf. the couch is Mr. Puss – it is our cat.

The kitchen is the living room. The door the living room and the kitchen is broken; you can not close it. the kitchen, we have a new table and two chairs. The cellar is the kitchen. We can't go the cellar because the light bulb is burnt out.

the corner, there is the bathroom. The bedroom and the children's room are the living room and the kitchen. As you can see, we have new curtains the bedroom. I also put the armchair the bedroom. It is the only room where it fits. It is the bed. The wardrobe is the armchair and the wall.

the chlidren's room, we have a desk, a lamp, a carpet and the beds. , there is the attic, which we made into a guest room. You have to watch out for your head; the ceiling the attic is very low.

Out the window, you can see the front yard and our neighbours' house. Their house is the local park. This staircase goes down directly to the hall.

Well, Jeremy, this is our house. Hope you like it!