Structurile “There is” si “There are”

Structurile "There is" si "There are" in limba englezaStructurile “there is” și “there are” din limba engleză ne ajută să spunem că ceva există. Folosim “there is” la singular și “there are” la plural. Ascultă explicațiile audio pentru a înțelege logica celor două structuri și pentru a afla care este echivalentul lor în limba română.

Ascultă varianta audio a lecției.


There is a pen on the desk. Feel free to use it.
There is somebody in the house. I’m afraid to go in.
There are people who don’t agree with our decision.
There are many things to think about.

Atenție! Forma contrasă a lui “there is” este “there’s”, e.g. There’s a pen on the desk.


Is there a pen on the desk?
Is there somebody in the house?
Are there people who don’t agree with our decision?
Are there many things to think about?


There isn’t a pen on the desk.
There isn’t anybody in the house.
There aren’t people who don’t agree with our decision.
There aren’t many things to think about.

Cele două structuri pot fi folosite și la alte timpuri verbale, spre exemplu:

Past Simple: There was something I wanted to talk to you about yesterday.
Present Perfect Simple: There have been rumors about the pop star lately.
Future Simple: I promise there will be many interesting things to do on this holiday.

Exercițiu: Completează următoarele propoziții folosind “there is” sau “there are”. Adaugă răspunsul tău în secțiunea de comentarii.

1. I’m sure ….. some clean T-shirts in the wardrobe. Please go and change your clothes.
2. ….. a hole in the ceiling. You should fill it quickly because the storm is coming.
3. Sarah wants to save the puppy, but – realistically speaking – ….. nothing she can do.
4. ….. only two hours of daylight left, so we must hurry.
5. Step aside slowly. ….. a snake at your feet.

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