Lesson 1: Present Simple vs. Present Continuous

30 Years of Marriage

My brother and I to our home town for the summer holiday. We a peaceful couple of weeks there and we with our childhood friends.

The best thing is that we lasagna cooked by mum. Mum terribly (don't tell her I said so!). But, somehow, her lasagna is the tastiest dish in the world. Actually, right now I on the porch eating mushroom lasagna. What a life!

This year is special because our parents thirty years of marriage. How can you live with someone for thirty years? It sounds like a long time.

We brought our parents a heart-shaped photo frame with a recent photo of them together. Dad for the best place where to put it. I think he a bit too much time to find it. Mum keeps reminding him to take out the trash and he it.

"She me."

"That's because I so many reasons to do so."

"You keep looking for them, they you."

Yes, I guess thirty years really is a long time.

Choose the correct answer:

1. How often do we go to our home town?
Every summer.
Every holiday.
Every couple of weeks.

2. How is mum's food?
I'd have a hard time eating it on a daily basis.
Very tasty.
It's the best in the world!

3. When did my parents meet?
Thirty years ago.
More than thirty years ago.
Less than thirty years ago.

4. What is dad doing?
He's trying to find a recent photo of him and mum together.
He's trying to find a suitable place for the photo frame.
He is taking out the trash.

5. How is the relationship between mum and dad?
They barely speak to each other.
They are very pleased with each other.
They are just teasing each other.

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