Lesson 2: Present Simple vs. Past Simple

A Friday Evening Out

Yesterday, I to the movies with my boyfriend and his mother. We to the movies every Friday evening. Usually, we after work and, even if we are tired after a long week, we our time together very much. Before the movie, we do some shopping and a couple of drinks. We about everything from the War of Independence to Marilyn Monroe and a lot.

However, yesterday didn't go as expected. I had to stay at the office a bit longer and I at my boyfriend's place an hour late. We in a hurry and to take the movie tickets with us. At the supermarket, there no free carts, so we had to carry everything in our hands. I dropping the carton of milk and, eventually, it burst. There was milk all over and I really embarassed.

Of course, we time for the drinks, although I one badly. We headed for the cinema and, because the movie tickets were at home, we for new ones. I them to try to make up for the trouble caused. Needless to say that the movie horrible.

Now I not to be late again. At least, not on Friday evenings.

Choose the correct answer:

1. What day is it tomorrow?

2. What is the correct order of events?
Movie, shopping, a couple of drinks
The War of Independence, shopping, movie
Shopping, movie, a couple of drinks

3. Where do I live?
At my boyfriend's house
At my boyfriend's mother's house
Probably at my own place

4. Why did we carry everything in our hands?
All of the shopping carts were taken.
We wanted to see how much we could carry.
We were afraid that somebody would steal our cart.

5. Who paid for the new movie tickets?
Each paid for a ticket.
I paid for all of the three tickets.
We didn't pay because the movie was horrible.

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