Lesson 3: Past Simple vs. Past Continuous

The Awful Haircut

It was the end of June and it was getting very hot outside. Everybody about the high temperature. Sarah at least five times a day and couldn't sleep at night. She to cut her hair because it her warm. So one day she to the hair dresser and asked him to give her a short haircut.

She didn't think it through. When her husband arrived home, Sarah in the hallway.

– What happened? he asked.

He at her with a dumb look on his face. Even if it was so obvious to Sarah that she awful with her new haircut, her husband didn't understand what the matter was.

– Look at me!

– Are you sick or something? he .

Sarah was puzzled. She into the bedroom and locked the door behind her. Three hours later, her husband at the door, bagging her to come out.

– Dear, I have no idea what's wrong with you, but I love you anyway. Please come out and let's talk about it.

Sarah of the bedroom after ten o'clock. While in the bedroom, she had started to think that her haircut actually very sexy.

– So what's the matter, dear? her husband .

– Nothing. I look really hot, don't I?

Now, it was her husband's turn to be puzzled.

– Yes, dear, you always do. But don't you want to talk about what ?

– Oh, it's nothing. Just.. next time you get a haircut, go to Jeffrey Parks around the corner. He's an awesome stylist.

Her husband to realise what had happened. And, while Sarah dinner, he eventually noticed her haircut. He it, but said the only thing that was acceptable at that moment:

– Dear, I will see Jeffrey Parks next time. He did a great job on you.

Choose the correct answer:

1. Why did Sarah get a haircut?
Because she wanted to surprise her husband.
Because the weather was too hot.
Because she wanted to change her look.

2. What was Sarah doing when her husband arrived home?
She was admiring herself in the mirror.
She was sitting in the hallway, crying.
She was cutting her own hair, trying to fix what the hair dresser had done.

3. What reaction did her husband have at first?
He didn't even notice the haircut.
He told her that he loved her.
He went straight to the hair dresser to beat him up.

4. What did Sarah start to think while she was in the bedroom?
That she was sexy.
That her husband was sexy.
That Jeffrey Parks was sexy.

5. Will Sarah's husband get his hair cut by Jeffrey Parks next time?
Definitely yes.
Probably not.

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