Forma a treia a verbelor neregulate

The 3rd form of verbs in English

  • The 3rd form of verbs in English is also called the Past Participle form.
  • We use the 3rd verb form to build perfect tenses and other structures.
  • The 3rd form of regular verbs equals to their 2nd form.
    e.g.: (to) watch – watched – watched
  • The 3rd form of irregular verbs can only be learnt by heart or by practice.
    The table below contains the three forms of the most frequently used 80 irregular verbs in English.

The 3rd form of irregular verbs

First Form
Present Simple Form
Second Form
Past Simple Form
Third Form
Past Participle Form
(to) bewas / werebeen(a) fi
(to) becomebecamebecome(a) deveni
(to) beginbeganbegun(a) începe
(to) bitebitbit / bitten(a) mușca
(to) breakbrokebroken(a) rupe
(to) bringbroughtbrought(a) aduce
(to) buildbuiltbuilt(a) construi
(to) buyboughtbought(a) cumpăra
(to) choosechosechosen(a) alege
(to) comecamecome(a) veni
(to) costcostcost(a) costa
(to) cutcutcut(a) tăia
(to) dodiddone(a) face
(to) drawdrewdrawn(a) desena
(to) dreamdreamed / dreamtdreamed / dreamt(a) visa
(to) drinkdrankdrunk(a) bea
(to) drivedrovedriven(a) conduce (mașina)
(to) eatateeaten(a) mânca
(to) fallfellfallen(a) cădea
(to) feedfedfed(a) hrăni
(to) feelfeltfelt(a) simți
(to) fightfoughtfought(a) lupta
(to) findfoundfound(a) găsi
(to) flyflewflown(a) zbura
(to) forgetforgotforgotten(a) uita
(to) forgiveforgaveforgiven(a) ierta
(to) freezefrozefrozen(a) îngheța
(to) getgotgot / gotten(a) obține
(to) givegavegiven(a) da
(to) gowentgone(a) se duce
(to) growgrewgrown(a) crește
(to) havehadhad(a) avea
(to) hearheardheard(a) auzi
(to) hidehidhidden(a) (se) ascunde
(to) hithithit(a) lovi
(to) holdheldheld(a) ține (în brațe)
(to) hurthurthurt(a) răni
(to) keepkeptkept(a) păstra
(to) knowknewknown(a) ști
(to) laylaidlaid(a) pune, (a) așterne
(to) leadledled(a) conduce (pe cineva)
(to) learnlearned / learntlearned / learnt(a) învăța
(to) leaveleftleft(a) pleca
(to) lendlentlent(a) împrumuta (cuiva)
(to) letletlet(a) lăsa
(to) lightlitlit(a) aprinde
(to) loselostlost(a) pierde
(to) makemademade(a) face
(to) meanmeantmeant(a) însemna, (a) vrea să zică
(to) meetmetmet(a) (se) întâlni
(to) paypaidpaid(a) plăti
(to) putputput(a) pune
(to) quitquitquit(a) renunța
(to) rideroderidden(a) merge cu
(to) ringrangrung(a) suna
(to) riseroserisen(a) răsări, (a) (se) ridica
(to) readreadread(a) citi
(to) runranrun(a) alerga
(to) saysaidsaid(a) spune
(to) seesawseen(a) vedea
(to) sellsoldsold(a) vinde
(to) setsetset(a) seta, (a) aranja
(to) shootshotshot(a) împușca
(to) singsangsung(a) cânta
(to) sitsatsat(a) sta jos
(to) sleepsleptslept(a) dormi
(to) speakspokespoken(a) vorbi
(to) spendspentspent(a) cheltui
(to) standstoodstood(a) sta în picioare
(to) stealstolesolen(a) fura
(to) swimswamswum(a) înota
(to) taketooktaken(a) lua
(to) teachtaughttaught(a) preda
(to) telltoldtold(a) spune
(to) thinkthoughtthought(a) (se) gândi
(to) throwthrewthrown(a) arunca
(to) wake upwoke upwoken up(a) (se) trezi
(to) wearworeworn(a) purta
(to) winwonwon(a) câștiga
(to) writewrotewritten(a) scrie

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