Verbe regulate

As you have already seen in the previous lesson, when we talked about Past Simple, verbs may be regular or irregular, depending on their second (past simple) form. In this lesson, we will practise the use of regular verbs. They are very easy to learn.

Regular verbs

The second (past simple) form of regular verbs is formed by adding -ed at the end of the first form, like this:

  • to watch → watched
  • to arrive → arrived – When the first form ends in e, we only add a d.
  • to start → started – Sometimes, the pronounciation is different. Listen to the audio tutorial in this lesson.
  • to study → studied – When the first form ends in y, that y becomes an i.

That’s it! Move on to the Exercises.

Remember that we use the second form of the verb with Past Simple. Be sure you know how to form affirmative, interrogative and negative sentences and that you are familiar with the examples of Past Simple sentences.

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