5. Was & Had & Did

Students and teachers

Angela writes for the student magazine. Help her interview Mark, a student, and Mr. Roth, a teacher.

Angela: Hello, Mark! What do you study?
Mark: Hi. I a student at a Masters program in Law.
Angela: What year you in?
Mark: I am in my second year.
Angela: this your final year?
Mark: Yes, it is. But, last year, I also in my second year. I failed it the first time.
Angela: Oh, I am sorry to hear that. What happened?
Mark: I very little time because I had a 9 to 5 job and I was always very tired. I missed many seminars and, although I much individual study at home, my final grades unsatisfying.
Angela: things different this year?
Mark: Yes, they are. Now, I a part-time job and most of the courses at the weekend. I even have time for relaxation.
Angela: What do you in your free time?
Mark: I sports and I go out with my friends. I also guitar lessons twice a week.
Angela: That's wonderful, Mark. Thank you for your time and good luck in your exams. The exam session starts in two weeks.
Mark: Yes, that's right. Thanks.

Angela: Hello, Mr. Roth! What your job title?
Mr. Roth: I am a Professor of Mathematics at the University.
Angela: What do you do as a professor?
Mr. Roth: I have courses three days a week. I hold four lectures and two seminars. I also research. Last year, I twice as many courses, so I less research. But, now, the University a complex research program and I am a member of the team.
Angela: What does your wife, Mrs. Roth, ?
Mr. Roth: She is also a Professor, but of Chemistry. She doesn't any courses this year. She only research. She is very happy about it because she an innovative idea that she wants to explore.
Angela: What is the idea?
Mr. Roth: I can't tell you yet. It a suprise.
Angela: I understand. You at an international conference last month. How it?
Mr. Roth: I in Berlin, at the yearly Mathematics Summit. It an exceptional event. All the brilliant mathematicians in the world there. I the opportunity to discuss the recent breakthroughs in mathematics with them and I also had a presentation.
Angela: What it about?
Mr. Roth: It was a presentation on complex numbers. My paper in our university's magazine. You can find it there.
Angela: Great! Thank you for your time, Mr. Roth.
Mr. Roth: Thank you, too, Miss.