11. I will drive you home. It is going to rain.

A weekend in Dublin

Luke and Mary are visiting Dublin. Bill is welcoming them.
Fill in the dialogue using Future with Will or Be Going to Future.

Bill: Welcome to Dublin! Why are you here in the middle of autumn?

Luke: We're visiting. I guess you could call us weekend tourists. We wanted to escape our daily routine for a few days, so here we are.

Bill: Where ?

Luke: We're not sure yet. We for a nice hotel. us a place?

Bill: Dublin Central is a good place to stay. They have reasonable prices, cozy rooms and tasty food. I you there, if you want.

Luke: Sure, that sounds great! Thank you.

Bill: What are your plans for this weekend?

Luke: We the city, of course. But only the main tourist attractions, because time is short. On Saturday evening, Mary an old friend of hers. I them. Instead, I some time in several pubs. I want to try out the locally brewed beers.

Bill: I with you and tell you how they are prepared.

Luke: Oh, that for me?

Bill: Gladly! Now let's hurry. It looks like it again.