4. Brian drank too much last night

What a crazy night!

  • a slice of pizza

  • a birthday hat

  • a birthday present

Jeremy celebrated his birthday last night. Here is how the night went! Complete the story.

Brian to Jeremy's birthday party last night. Ruby and Clara , as well. First, they went to a restaurant. They at a table and the waiter the menu. Jeremy, Ruby and Clara lasagna and Brian chose fish. They also cake and some red wine. Clara didn't drink - she had to drive everybody home at the end of the night. Brian, Ruby and Clara Jeremy presents. Jeremy for the dinner and a tip.

Then, the four friends went to Jeremy's favourite pub. They other friends there and a couple of hours talking and dancing. Suddenly, Brian sick and to the bathroom. Ruby said: "Oh, Brian too much." But, when Brian returned, he was perfectly sober. He said: "No, I didn't drink too much. This is because of the fish I ate at the restaurant."

In a few minutes, he felt sick and ran to the bathroom again. He on the staircase and his leg. Clara him to the hospital where they his leg in plaster. Then, Clara Brian home. "I to tell you something", said Brian when they arrived. "I my keys earlier this evening."

So Brian and Clara drove back to the pub. When Ruby and Jeremy them, they were very surprised. "Why are you here?" they asked. "The doctor that a good party is the best medicine for both my stomach and my leg." Then, everybody 'Happy Birthday' to Jeremy. And Brian his keys on the staircase.