8. What was he doing when you took that photo?

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Choose the correct adjective.

  1. Bob doesn't like to brag about his achievements. He is:
    generous modest honest
  2. Betty has a lot of friends. She is:
    outgoing thoughtful stubborn
  3. Bill doesn't share anything with anyone. He is:
    unfriendly selfish arrogant
  4. Barnie always wastes his time. He is:
    kind stubborn lazy
  5. Bonnie changes her mind all the time. She is:
    vain moody friendly

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Fill in the following sentences:

  1. When I arrived at the party, he bragging about his new car. (to brag about)
  2. Ruby and Brian an argument when their flatmates came home. (to have an argument)
  3. I met her on the Internet last year. She in a foreign country at that time. (to live in a foreign country)
  4. A: What were they doing when you saw them?
    B: Clara with Julie while Jeremy was introducing Freddie to Phil.
    (to make friends with)
  5. When I took that photo, you ice-cream, Mark was talking to his buddy and the girls were laughing. (to eat ice-cream)