8. What was he doing when you took that photo?

Say 'Cheese'!

Use Past Continuous to fill in the following text:

Oh, when I took that photo, everybody (to do) something different. Nobody (to look) at the camera! The party just (to begin), so we (to have) a lot of energy to burn.

Look at Martin. He (to have) an argument with Tina. Don't ask me why! When they arrived, Tina (to smile). And so was Martin. Five minutes after, boom!, they (to fight).

You can see Bob, my flatmate, in the corner of the photo. He (to make) friends with Richard, my workmate. Richard still (to work) when I left the office, so I thought that he (not to come) to the party, but he did.

The girl in the center of the photo is Janice, my sister. Usually, she is quite unfriendly. But, at this party, she surprised me. While me and Fred still (to prepare) the cocktails, Janice (to talk) to everybody. I didn't mind that she didn't help us in the kitchen.

Finally, right behing Janice, there are Chris and Sam. They just (to get) to know each other and Chris already (to brag) about his expensive apartment. What a clown!