14. Ruby had left when Brian arrived

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Fill in the following Present Perfect sentences:

  1. I had (finish) drinking my coffee when the phone rang.
  2. When she was eleven, she had already (draw) her first cartoon.
  3. He had not (boil) the water before he put in the lobster.
  4. I was too late; by the time I got to the library, she had already (leave).
  5. My friend had (drink) two beers when I arrived at the pub.
  6. Clara had not (fall) asleep when Jeremy got home last night.
  7. The policeman had (shoot) the suspect before the rest of the team arrived.
  8. John woke up after the thief had (steal) the TV set.
  9. The deer had (run) into the woods before the hunter could shoot.
  10. My wife had already (cook) breakfast by the time I got out of bed.