2. Clara watched TV yesterday
Appliances & Devices

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Time expressions

Here are some very simple structures for expressing time. All of them, except for Today, refer to the past.

  • Today is a beautiful day.
  • Yesterday, I cooked spaghetti.
  • The day before yesterday, you cooked potatoes.
  • Last week, he travelled to Paris.
  • Last month, she travelled to Berlin.
  • Last year, it damaged all of my carpets.
  • 2 weeks ago, we moved to a new apartment.
  • 3 months ago, you moved to a new house.
  • 4 years ago, they moved to a new city.


Below, you can find two lists of verbs – regular and irregular. You will find the difference between the two types in the Grammar section of this lesson. For now, just take a look at the meaning of these words.

Regular verbs Irregular verbs
(to) arrive (a) ajunge (to) be (a) fi
(to) call (a) suna, (a) chema (to) become (a) deveni
(to) cook (a) găti (to) buy (a) cumpăra
(to) finish (a) termina (to) come (a) veni
(to) move (a) (se) muta (to) do (a) face (un exercițiu)
(to) play (a) (se) juca (to) drive (a) conduce
(to) start (a) începe (to) find (a) găsi
(to) talk (a) vorbi (to) forget (a) uita
(to) travel (a) călători (to) have (a) avea
(to) watch (a) privi, (a) urmări (to) make (a) face (o prăjitură)
(to) turn on (a) porni    
(to) turn off (a) opri    

Nouns – Appliances & Devices

refridgerator / fridge frigider
freezer congelator
cooker aragaz
oven cuptor
washing machine mașină de spălat
dishwasher mașină de spălat vase
coffee grinder râșniță de cafea
coffee maker cafetieră
toaster prăjitor de pâine
sandwich maker sandwich maker
blender blender
cooker hood hotă
air conditioner aparat de aer condiționat
TV set / TV televizor
radio radio
computer computer
desktop PC computer de birou
laptop laptop
telephone telefon
cell phone / mobile phone telefon mobil
hair dryer foen / uscător de păr
epilator epilator
electric shaver aparat de ras electric