7. Right now, Ruby is swimming

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Complete the following sentences.
We will practise Present Tense Continuous.

  1. Right now, my friends getting on the plane. (to get on)
  2. Are you your stay at this hotel? (to enjoy)
  3. I always travel by plane, but this time I travelling by coach. (to travel)
  4. The plane is taking off. What's wrong? (to take off)
  5. A: Where is Ruby? B: She queueing at the museum entrance. (to queue)
  6. The tour guide is to the custodian. (to talk)
  7. Are they souvenirs? They are so high-priced in this shop. (to buy)
  8. He is not sunbathing on the beach; he is in the pool. (to swim)
  9. Why are you today? Your stay ends tomorrow. (to leave)
  10. We are our time watching the ships go by. (to spend)