7. Right now, Ruby is swimming

On holiday at the seaside

Complete the short interview below using Present Continuous:

1. you (to enjoy) your holiday at the seaside?

Yes, I really (to enjoy) it! The weather is perfect, everything (to move) at a slow pace and I can do whatever I want – no phone calls, no deadlines and no stress for two weeks.

2. Who are you here with?

I'm here with my husband, my brother-in-law and sister-in-law and their daughter. My husband (to have) his morning cocktail at the hotel bar right now. The others still (to sleep).

3. Where you (to stay)?

Me and my husband (to stay) at the Piccadilly hotel. But my brother-in-law's family (not to stay) here. The hotel was fully booked. They (to stay) at a landlady's, not far away from the hotel.

4. What you (to do) tonight?

At 7, we (to eat) dinner at a restaurant by the sea. After that, We (to go) to a folk concert.

5. When you (to leave)?

Most probably, we (to leave) next Sunday, in the afternoon.