13. The show has just started

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Fill in the following Present Perfect sentences:

  1. Clara has not (not finish) putting her makeup on.
  2. I just arrived (arrive) from my trip to England.
  3. Freddie has (eat) at this restaurant since he was 17 years old.
  4. Mary not told (not tell) them the bad news yet.
  5. We are very tired; we just climbed (climb) the mountain peak.
  6. This is my favourite book; I have (read) it at least five times.
  7. They have not (not go) on vacation yet.
  8. The movie stopped (stop) running in theaters.
  9. She has not (not cut) the cake and the icing is starting to melt.
  10. John has not (not take) pictures since he lost his camera.