1. I wake up at 7 every day

A regular day

  • Annie and Billie eat toast.

  • Caroline and the children
    go to school.

  • George likes painting.

Let's see what a regular day is like for the Cooper family.

A regular day for the Cooper family at 6 o'clock in the morning. Caroline wakes up and the coffee. Then, she and George their coffee together. They about their plans for the day. At 7, George a shower and Caroline wakes up the children. Annie and Billie breakfast: toast, eggs, vegetables and orange juice. They wash their faces and their teeth.

George leaves for work at 7.30. He is an IT programmer. Caroline takes the children to school at 7.45. She at the school where the children learn. She is a teacher. At 12 o'clock, Caroline, Annie and Billie usually at the school canteen and they have lunch together. George the lunch break at 1PM. He lunch with his co-workers at a restaurant.

Caroline and the children return home at 2 o'clock and the children their homework. George work at 5PM. He home and, at 6.30 PM, all the members of the family have dinner.

Sometimes, in the evening, the Coopers their friends or go to a movie. But, most of the time, they stay at home. Annie with her dolls and Billie a book. He detective stories very much. Caroline the meal for the next day and George helps her or TV.

At 10 o'clock, the children to sleep. Caroline has a shower and to bed at 11. George often up until late. He to paint. At night, when everybody is asleep, he works on his paintings. He to become a full-time artist one day.