3. Ruby applied for a job last week

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Complete the following sentences with the options that fit best:

  1. I prepared my .......... carefully. I wanted that job very much.
    degree résumé internship
  2. Ruby participated in a .........., but it was not what she expected.
    training interview test
  3. They worked in this field for ten years, so they have vast .......... .
    studies tasks experience
  4. When he finished his .......... studies, he decided to become an entrepreneur.
    master doctoral bachelor
  5. You obtained your .......... in Philosophy after the final exam last summer.
    course award degree
  6. What is your .......... in English?
    hobby level knowledge
  7. We acquired great social .......... in our years of volunteering.
    skills education benefits
  8. The .......... asked the interviewee about his knowledge of IT.
    interviewer employer CEO
  9. I completed my .......... online.
    letter of intention application CV
  10. The boss talked to him about his main .......... .
    salary tasks expectations
  11. What .......... did you work in?
    canteen workplace department
  12. We didn't receive a .......... for our results.
    bonus raise monthly income
  13. They decided to call Jeremy for a .......... period.
    test trial application
  14. We wanted to be our own bosses, so we opened a .......... .
    business work environment board
  15. The HR departement suggested the CEO .......... Brian's salary.
    to accept to raise to offer
  16. They fired Clara and offered the job to someone .......... .
    happy displeased else
  17. They didn't .......... me – I decided to search for another job.
    hire fire call
  18. Were they satisfied with your letter of ..........?
    application negociation intention
  19. I am happy because the company hired me – I have a .......... now!
    job profession occupation
  20. The boss fired ten of my colleagues; they are now .......... .
    satisfied unemployed employed

Fill out the following text with regular verbs at Past Simple:

I for a job. I for two weeks. They finally me for a face-to-face interview. First, I to the people from the HR department and then with my future supervisor. They my knowledge in the field and they also my work experience. They pleased. We about the company's plans for the future and we the salary. I at least 600 € as monthly income. They 500 €, at least for a start. I at first because I money for my master studies and for paying the rent. I finally the offer and I was hired. The company is a promising one. The CEO is also the founder of the company. He the business in 2010. I hope we will grow together.

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Turn the following sentences into their interrogative forms.

  1. Jeremy finished his bachelor studies in 2009. → Did Jeremy his bachelor studies in 2009?
  2. She negotiated her salary at the last meeting. → Did she her salary at the last meeting?
  3. Ruby received a phone call from the company. Ruby receive a phone call from the company?
  4. We represented our business at the conference. we represent our business at the conference?
  5. You called the candidates for the interview. → Did you the candidates for the interview?

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Turn the following sentences into their negative forms.
We will use did not. It can always be replaced with didn't.

  1. The HR department evaluated all the teams. → The HR department did evaluate all the teams.
  2. I waited for my colleagues at the canteen. → I not wait for my colleagues at the canteen.
  3. They tested my knowledge of German. → They did not my knowledge of German.
  4. The company rejected Brian's application. → The company did not Brian's application.
  5. Clara's bosses raised her salary last week. → Clara's bosses did not her salary last week.