3. Ruby applied for a job last week

The perfect interview

  • Flower

  • Flower / Plant
    in a garden

  • Letter of intention

Ruby went to an interview. She did great!
Complete the transcript of the interview.

Mr. Wilson: Hello, Ruby!
Ruby: Good day, Mr. Wilson!
Mr. Wilson: Why did you apply for this job?
Ruby: I for it because it is my dream job. I to be a gardener all of my life. I like to grow all kinds of plants, but I trully love flowers and I love to take care of them.
Mr. Wilson: What is your experience in this field?
Ruby: I at a flower shop for two years. Also, in the last ten summer seasons, I to the countryside, at my grandmother's house, where she has a wonderful garden. I how to help flowers grow beautifully from a professional – my grandmother is a dedicated gardener. She in many gardening trainings and now she grows and sells the most appreciated flowers in the region.
Mr. Wilson: This is impressive. Do you grow any flowers at home?
Ruby: Yes. I from my old apartment to a house. The garden is quite small, but I planting flowers there on the day when I . I also some vegetables: tomatoes, carrots and cucumbers.
Mr. Wilson: Do you have any formal education in the field?
Ruby: Yes, as I in my application, I from the University of Agricultural Sciences in 2010.
Mr. Wilson: Yes, I remember. Well, Ruby, now I am sure that you are the right person for this job. And I must tell you that, when I your application, I was very enthusiastic. I to call you for an interview immediately, because I your letter of intention very much. Now I can see that it was not just an impression. You are, indeed, very passionate about gardening.
Ruby: Thank you, Mr. Wilson. It's a pleasure to hear this.
Mr. Wilson: See you on Monday, Ruby!
Ruby: See you, Mr. Wilson!