12. Eat - Ate - Eaten

Past Participle practice

Use the third form of irregular verbs to fill in the following sentences:

1. My little niece brought me a piece of paper (to cut) in the shape of a penguin for my birthday. She knows I love penguins.

2. Take a good look at my (to bite) finger! Are you sure you want to keep growing puppies?

3. I can't believe there's a (to hide) camera in my house! I wonder for how long it has been there.

4. I'm sure that the pie (to bring) by my parents is the best one. Mum is the best cook in the world.

5. The clown (to draw) at the end of this notebook scares me. Please stop drawing clowns or use your own notebooks.

6. That's a (to go) opportunity but, instead of crying about it, you can start searching for new opportunities.

7. What do you expect from him? He's got a (to freeze) heart and he'll never show you any compassion.

8. I don't care if it's half- (to eat) food. It's still food and I'm so hungry that I could eat a horse.

9. Can you hear that? That's one of my long (to forget) songs. I can't believe I used to listen to it daily.

10. They say that it's not important to win, but to participate. I'm sorry, but a (to win) race feels nothing like a lost one.