6. We used to play in the schoolyard

As a child

Complete the short interview below with 'Used To' Past:

1. What adjective would describe you as child best?

I (to be) an inquisitive child. I (to annoy) everybody with my stupid questions. Of course, coming from a child, they weren't stupid, but they were just too many. Anyway, this (to be) my way of discovering the world: questions and more questions.

2. What your favourite activity (to be)?

I (to love) building castles: toy castles, Lego castles, sand castles. My father (to help) me build them and then we (to take) pictures. I still have a photo album with my castles.

3. What other actvities you (to do)?

I (to play) indoors most of the time. I don't know why, but I (not to enjoy) playing outside with other children. I also (to read) a lot of children's books. Ogres (to fascinate) me!

4. you (to do) bad deeds?

No, not really. I (not to break) stuff or tell lies or anything like that. I guess that, except for my annoying questions, I (to be) a boring child.

5. you (to dream) about being a grown up?

Yes. And I (to think) that, by the age of 20, I would have a good job, a nice house, a fast car and a loving wife. None of which has happened yet.