Termeni medicali în limba engleză (I)

Dictionar de termeni medicali in limba engleza

În această lecție, explicăm și exemplificăm 60 de termeni medicali în limba engleză. Pe lângă acești termeni, întâlnești în frazele de mai jos și multe alte cuvinte din sfera medicală.

Micul dicționar de termeni medicali în engleză se va continua în următoarea lecție. Orice întrebări și sugestii sunt, ca întotdeauna, binevenite.

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allergy – alergie, allergic to – alergic la
Spring is an uncomfortable season for those with a pollen allergy.
Are you allergic to anything else besides pollen?

anesthetic – anestezic, anesthesiologist (US) or anaesthetist (UK) – anestezist
The hospital has run out of anesthetic.
The surgery starts in one hour, but the anesthesiologist is nowhere to be found.

aneurysm – anevrism
His loss of balance and speech problems might be caused by an aneurysm.

antibiotics – antibiotice
She’s got a severe bacterial infection. She should start an antibiotic treatment right away.

antibody – anticorp
Your blood test doesn’t show any antibodies, so you don’t have the virus.


blood transfusion – transfuzie de sânge
The patient needs a blood transfusion, but we must check his blood type first.

(high/low) blood pressure – tensiune arterială (ridicată/scăzută)
This monitor allows you to measure your blood pressure at home.

(high/low) blood sugar – glicemie (crescută/scăzută)
Exercising usually lowers your blood sugar levels, but in some cases it can increase them.

brain tumor – tumoare cerebrală
After the MRI, the doctor was confident that her brain tumor could be removed.

breathing – respirație
His breathing problems are caused by sinusitis, but smoking doesn’t help at all.


cardiac arrest – stop cardiac
He took CPR training; he now knows how to perform CPR when someone is in cardiac arrest.

chest pain – durere toracică
Your chest pains may be caused by anything from fatigue to angina. You should go see a doctor.

coagulation – coagulare
The ambulance staff focused on stopping the bleeding and accelerating coagulation.

(common) cold – răceală
I caught a cold and won’t be able to go to work today.

convalescence – convalescență
You may feel well now, but one week of convalescence is still required.


dehydration – deshidratare
During her illness, she experienced an excessive loss of body water. We should treat her for dehydration.

dementia – demență
Don’t count on his recollection of facts; he suffers from dementia.

diabetes – diabet
Don’t be sure that you’ve inherited diabetes from your parents. Lead a healthy lifestyle and get regular check-ups.

diagnosis – diagnostic
The patient’s diagnosis is essential for recommending the best treatment.

disease – boală
Your alcohol problem is not a disease yet; it is in your hands to quit.

drug – 1. medicament, 2. drog
I can’t take any more drugs; I’m fed up with them.
The clinic launched a program that explains the consequences of doing drugs.


edema – edem
Edema can occur anywhere within the body. It shows that there is an abnormal accumulation of fluid.

electrocardiogram or ECG, EKG – electrocardiogramă
An electrocardiogram records electrical signals as they pass through your heart and indicates whether there are irregularities in the rhythm of your heartbeat.

embolism – embolie
Her pulmonary embolism was caused by a blood clot that formed in one of her legs and travelled to her lungs.

emergency room/department or ER – cameră de urgență
After the car crash, three persons were brought to the emergecy room.

euphoria/elation – euforie
The patient’s depressive episode was followed by a brief period of euphoria.


fainting fit – leșin
After three fainting fits in one morning, it was obvious that she wasn’t doing well.

fever – febră
Fever stimulates the body’s immune system because it makes it difficult for bacteria and viruses to survive.

flu (influenza) – gripă
I’ve got chills and muscle pains. I hope I’m not getting the flu.

food poisoning – toxiinfecție alimentară
It is unacceptable to get food poisoning while in the hospital.

fracture – fractură
We must call the ambulance. This is an open fracture that requires immediate attention.


gallstones – pietre la vezica biliară
Small gallstones will pass through the bile duct and be eliminated, but larger ones may cause obstructions.

gastric ulcer – ulcer gastric
gastrointestinal – gastrointestinal
Infection with Helicobacter pylori is quite common, but it should be treated, as it can cause gastric ulcer or other gastrointestinal diseases.

geriatric medicine/geriatrics – geriatrie
Geriatrics focuses on the prevention and treatment of diseases in elderly people.

germ – 1. germen, 2. microb
Wheat germs are very healthy because they are packed with nutrients.
Before and after performing a surgery, doctors scrub their hands with iodine soap in order to eliminate germs.


haematoma – hematom
Haematomas are collections of blood outside the blood vessels.

hearing aid – aparat auditiv
Hearing aids can help people with hearing impairments function normally.

heart attack – infarct miocardic, atac de cord
The patient is an obese smoker who experiences chronic stress daily; it’s no wonder he had a heart attack.

heart failure – insuficiență cardiacă
Heart failure is not a death sentence; surgery, medication and lifestyle changes can prolong life span considerably.

hypochondriac – ipohondru
He’s a bit of a hypochondriac; he washes his hands far too often and tests himself for diseases he can’t possibly have.


(bacterial/viral) infection – infecție (bacteriană/virală)
Sexually transmitted infections among young people have risen dramatically in the last decades.

inflammation, inflammatory process – inflamație, proces inflamator
My toes are red, swollen, and they hurt badly. This inflammation is killing me.

injection/shot – injecție
The worst part of an injection is not the needle; it’s the serum entering the tissue.

injury – rană
He suffered a leg injury at work and now he will wear a plaster cast.

insomnia – insomnie
During his rehabilitation, he experienced severe insomnia.

intensive care (unit) or ICU – terapie intensivă
We’re in the ICU waiting room. The nurse should show up anytime now.


jaundice – icter
Jaundice often indicates there’s something wrong with your liver.


kidney transplant – transplant de rinichi
Two of his relatives are suitable donors for the kidney transplant.


laboratory – laborator
Only the medical staff is allowed in the laboratory.

lab results – rezultate de laborator
We must wait for the lab results in order to establish the appropriate treatment.

lesion – leziune
The fight caused him many external and internal lesions.

limb – membru
Your limbs are cold because of your poor peripheral circulation.

liver cancer – cancer hepatic
The patient’s liver cancer is at stage A and we’ll start by removing the affected section.


manic-depression/bipolar disorder – tulburare maniaco-depresivă/tulburare bipolară
During the manic stages of his bipolar disorder, he doesn’t want to take his pills.

measles – pojar
The child mustn’t go to school; measles is extremely infectious.

medication – medicație
He started taking anti-sickness medication before his first cycle of chemotherapy.

migraine – migrenă
If these analgesics don’t work, I’ll prescribe some triptans for your migraine.

muscle damage – traumă musculară
Muscle damage can release muscle cells into your bloodstream and affect your kidneys.

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